Why is learning English by Skype so popular?

Learning English by Skype is more and more widespread nowadays. It’s not surprising when you think of all the advantages of English lessons by Skype.

Think about it. Would you prefer to study English by yourself with a book (no matter how good it is) or using an e-learning software, or learn with a private tutor who can motivate you and make your learning experience richer?

Because of Skype, you have access to American tutors and British tutors without leaving your living-room. They are carefully selected (see our list of English tutors if you are not convinced), trained and monitored to help our students in the most efficient way.

We don’t offer courses based on standard material, every student is unique and learns English for specific reasons. We want to make sure you get a tailored-program to suit your needs. That’s something that would not happen in a classroom.

To sum up, Skype English lessons are the ideal way of learning because:
1. Your tutor acts like a coach and motivates you through your learning process
2. Skype allows you to study English when you are available and where you are located without commuting to a language school or traveling to a foreign country
3. The format of the lesson is very much tailor-made
4. Because of the low infrastructure costs, you can learn with quality teachers at the best price

So if your English is getting a bit rusty, do like thousands of people like you and register for English lessons by Skype with EBS!
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