Tips to prepare your job interview in English for an overseas job

Congratulations! You got a phone call from an international company for an overseas job. The interview is in just a few days but your English is a bit rusty… It’s time to practice for your job interview in English!

Introductions, education, work, family and hobbies are the main areas you should prepare.

It’s important to have different ways of talking about these topics without just memorizing one script. If you can, get a teacher or native English-speaking friend to work on it with you.
Now, it’s rehearsal time. Try to use different combinations of sentences and expressions so that each time it sounds interesting.

Be careful, 
the first assumption an interviewer makes when candidates are obviously saying a memorized script is that this person’s English level is low so try to make your speech natural.
When English is not your native language, practicing common interview questions is the best way to make a good first impression.

Good luck in your job interview in English!

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