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Skype English Tutor Devon

Devon is from California, and now lives in South America. She has a degree in International Social Science and Teaching English as a Foreign Language. Devon also studies Spanish, and understands the challenges of learning a new language. Before teaching English full time, Devon had a career in the recruiting industry. Therefore, she can help you with job interview preparation and business English. During her free time she likes to read the Economist and World Affairs. Her interests also include traveling, writing, cooking, and listening to new music.

Skype English Tutor Ann

Ann has an International TEFL certification and a Bachelor of Science degree from the State University of New York. She comes from San Francisco, California in the U.S. and is now living in Malta. She has over ten years of professional experience in the Business sector and formal education in both Technical Writing and Business English.

Whatever your English needs are, she is fully committed to helping you achieve them; and through her teaching methodology, she is confident you will!

Skype English Tutor Lisa

Lisa is from the UK and her native language is English. She took her Cambridge CELTA just after graduating and has been teaching for over three years now in the UK and in Barcelona, Spain. She has experience teaching all levels from beginners to proficiency and all ages from 5 to 70! She has had a lot of experience in exam classes and business one-to-ones.

She also has a lot of experience of learning languages herself as she have a BA in Modern European Languages. She has studied French, Spanish, Catalan, Italian and German. She can put herself in your shoes as she really understands the difficulties and of course the fun of learning a new language.

She believes in dynamic, fun classes, but well-structured as well. Speaking and practising as much as you can is the key to learning a language, so there will be plenty of focus on this in her classes.

Skype English Tutor David

David comes from Sydney, Australia. He has an Economics degree with experience in management consultancy and small business. He also enjoys playing sport, watching movies, and cooking.

Skype English Tutor Sarah-Jane

Sarah comes from England, and has been teaching English as a second language for two years. She has experience of teaching a wide range of topics, to learners of all levels, including general conversational English, business English, and interview and exam preparation. She studied law at university, completing an undergraduate degree and continuing to study for the Postgraduate Diploma in Law. She was called to the Bar in England and Wales in 2009. Her previous work history includes the fields of social housing, retail and hospitality. She particularly enjoys travel, hiking, theatre, reading and cooking.

Skype English Tutor

Patrick comes from New York, USA. He has a degree in electrical engineering and worked for various consulting companies, is currently pursuing his Masters in biomedical engineering. He is also a CELTA trained ESL teacher. He enjoys dancing, travelling and learning languages.

Skype English Tutor Jaqui

Jaqui is a Native English Speaker (British mum, Irish dad) and has been an English Foreign Language teacher for many years. She has lived in Mexico, Thailand and Namibia, just north of South Africa. She has been teaching English to students of all ages for more than ten years and can teach a wide variety of subjects such as General English, Business English, Travel English, at all the levels from beginner to advanced.

She is also a published writer and a business journalist.