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Why do I need an Australian teacher?

While there's a lot of choice for an online English teacher - a lot more than there was when we started 10 yrs ago, the fundamental decision though hasn't changed. A student still needs to ask themselves the same basic questions: Why do I need to improve my English? Who am I going to be talking English with? Where will I be speaking English? English compared to other languages is easy to learn (I could be biased😉) but it is a very large language covering many different cultures. So big that you have to be a bit selective on what you learn and from who. The beauty of an Australian teacher (& South Africans too) is that our culture covers both the UK and the US and our accent is somewhere in the middle, much easier...

Holiday English

The end of year 'silly season' is fast approaching. While a lot of students of English are probably winding up their scheduled, official lessons whether they be at a physical language school or a virtual, online school like ours the good news is there's no need to stop learning English. Every student of a foreign language knows the number 1 enemy of making progress in learning is taking a break. Now everyone needs to take a break from time to time so how do you navigate this time of the year without slipping backwards in your learning? So there's a good side to this time of year which can actually give your learning a boost. There's only one catch you actually need to go on a holiday - I hope this is not too much of problem! So if...

Teens, because teenagers also want to speak English fluently!

Some might say after 10 years it's about time we provided a program specifically designed with teenagers in mind! From our beginnings as an online language we thought that the English level of teenage students would not be high enough to get maximum benefit from a conversation based lesson. We also thought that teenagers would not have enough self confidence, life experience or attention span and commitment to speak with an adult in a conversational, free flowing manner. Our experience over the last 10 years though has shown us clearly that we were wrong on all of these points! When teenagers have learnt with us they have done just as well if not better than our adult students. So we've tried to think of their specific needs as well as their parents in designing a program...

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