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Why is learning English by Skype so popular?

Learning English by Skype is more and more widespread nowadays. It's not surprising when you think of all the advantages of English lessons by Skype. Think about it. Would you prefer to study English by yourself with a book (no matter how good it is) or using an e-learning software, or learn with a private tutor who can motivate you and make your learning experience richer? Because of Skype, you have access to American tutors and British tutors without leaving your living-room. They are carefully selected (see our list of English tutors if you are not convinced), trained and monitored to help our students in the most efficient way. We don't offer courses based on standard material, every student is unique and learns English for specific reasons. We want to make...

How to choose a good English school by Skype?

You know you want to improve your English, and you know you want to do it by Skype because it's a convenient and flexible way to learn English. However, when you do your Internet research, you realize that you have many different options, different ways to study, and you don't know what to choose. In this article, we're going to help you identify what is a good English school by Skype.

What are the criteria to select your English school by Skype?

There are many criteria that differentiate English schools by Skype.

1. What kind of school do you want to study with?

There are different kinds of English schools by Skype. You have these huge platforms that is the meeting place between teachers and people who want to learn English. They usually offer English and many other languages. The advantage...