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Why do I need an Australian teacher?

While there's a lot of choice for an online English teacher - a lot more than there was when we started 10 yrs ago, the fundamental decision though hasn't changed. A student still needs to ask themselves the same basic questions: Why do I need to improve my English? Who am I going to be talking English with? Where will I be speaking English? English compared to other languages is easy to learn (I could be biased😉) but it is a very large language covering many different cultures. So big that you have to be a bit selective on what you learn and from who. The beauty of an Australian teacher (& South Africans too) is that our culture covers both the UK and the US and our accent is somewhere in the middle, much easier...

Working on English listening comprehension – Lunchbox sushi (video)

Many students have problems understanding native-English people. There are so many accents to get used to, some people might talk too fast, etc. Working on listening comprehension can be done through many different ways. We love taking videos on topics that interest our students so that they can learn on topics that really matter to them.

Listen and practice your English

Watch this video from this Australian online channel that we have sent to one of our students who just moved to a new apartment and doesn't have time to cook. http://www.lifestyle.com.au/videos/4-ingredients/lunchbox-sushi-2433749551001.aspx English listening Comprehension exercise We thought it would be great for him to watch this cooking channel because it offers recipes that are quick and easy and only have four ingredients.

Listening comprehension questions

During the lesson, the...