How to choose a good English school by Skype?

You know you want to improve your English, and you know you want to do it by Skype because it's a convenient and flexible way to learn English. However, when you do your Internet research, you realize that you have many different options, different ways to study, and you don't know what to choose. In this article, we're going to help you identify what is a good English school by Skype.

What are the criteria to select your English school by Skype?

There are many criteria that differentiate English schools by Skype.

1. What kind of school do you want to study with?

There are different kinds of English schools by Skype. You have these huge platforms that is the meeting place between teachers and people who want to learn English. They usually offer English and many other languages. The advantage...

Working on English listening comprehension – Lunchbox sushi (video)

Many students have problems understanding native-English people. There are so many accents to get used to, some people might talk too fast, etc. Working on listening comprehension can be done through many different ways. We love taking videos on topics that interest our students so that they can learn on topics that really matter to them.

Listen and practice your English

Watch this video from this Australian online channel that we have sent to one of our students who just moved to a new apartment and doesn't have time to cook. English listening Comprehension exercise We thought it would be great for him to watch this cooking channel because it offers recipes that are quick and easy and only have four ingredients.

Listening comprehension questions

During the lesson, the...