Learn English online

Learning English by Skype has been possible since 2006 or maybe even earlier. If, at the beginning it was hard to implement, it’s only because people didn’t have broadband Internet the way we have now. Now that the technical challenges have mostly been overcome, we, at EBS, are convinced that this was the best way to learn a language like English.

Why is online teaching such an effective method?

The convenience, time and cost savings in comparison to attending classes at a traditional language school are obvious. We would argue though that even in comparison to a face to face teaching situation online learning has advantages. Speaking a foreign language can be a little intimidating if your not use to it not having the teacher in the same room as you gives you a feeling of being able to express yourself with less pressure. In the same way as singing in the shower gives you a feeling of freedom so too with an online situation and learning a language.

What’s so good about Skype?

Skype has proved itself to be a reliable, simple and best of all free way to communicate with people around the world. As a tool for teaching or learning a language it is as good as, if not better than a lot of pay for use programs that can be complicated to use. As Internet bandwidth has improved call quality is now of a very high standard and extra features such as video and conference call facilities have also become available. Best of all a lot of people already have Skype downloaded and are familiar with how it works. More than 600 million registered (as of September 2011) can’t be wrong!

Why learn with English By Skype?

If you read some of the profiles of our teachers you’ll find we are all native English teachers with a high level of education and a diverse range of experience allowing you to pick a teacher that matches your learning needs. All of this at a very reasonable price with a professional service you will quickly come to appreciate and trust.