English Conversation

There’s a saying in English ‘use it or lose it’ even if you have a good level of English if you don’t practice you’ll start to get ‘rusty’ ie you’ll make more mistakes and forget your words.
The most basic skill is to be able to speak about everyday things, even to succeed in business relationships requires the ability to talk about normal, personal day to day issues.

How do English conversation lessons by Skype work?

For our conversational course lessons we have a very flexible lesson structure built around the needs and interests of the student. A typical lesson might look at events of the day covered in an online newspaper; a recent movie; what you did on the weekend; where are you taking your next holidays etc.

While mistakes will be corrected, new words learnt and grammar ideas explained the aim of the lesson is to have a normal conversation where the student is doing most of the talking. Just by continually talking you’ll find your fluency and confidence improves rapidly. The corrections and suggestions you get from the teacher along the way will also improve your accuracy and level.

Once you get your confidence up you can move on to one of our more focused programs to help you get that next job or succeed in some personal or professional test.

Interested in English conversation courses by Skype?

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