IELTS / TOEIC courses

Are you taking the IELTS or the TOEIC exam?

Proving your level of English for entry into a tertiary education program, a new job, immigrating to a new country and a host of other reasons has become very popular. There is a lot of materials and books to help people prepare for the written, reading and even the listening sections of these tests but to prepare for the speaking section you can’t learn it from a book you have to do it with a tutor.

How do we help you with the IELTS and TOEIC?

In our course of lessons we focus primarily on the speaking section of these tests. Through repetition and practice of sample questions students can gain more confidence and fluency answering the kinds of questions they are likely to be asked by the examiner. This increases confidence and reduces the level of stress felt during the test, giving the student a much better chance of achieving a good result.

Interested in IELTS or the TOEIC exam preparation by Skype?

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