Job Interview in English and Business Meetings in English

Doing a job interview in your native tongue is nerve racking enough, having to do it in English can add a lot of doubts into your head.

How do you get ready for your Job Interview in English?

The key to doing well in any job interview is being prepared. When you’re prepared the confidence you show is real you don’t need to act. In this package of lessons we provide you with a structure to give you that feeling of confidence that comes when you’re really well prepared.

Generally, we start by reviewing your resume for corrections or better ways of expressing things but also as a starting point in asking about your experiences, interests, the thinking behind your career choices and your goals for the future.

We then move on to practice how you’d answer some standard interview questions role playing various interviewing situations.

Finally, we talk about the logistics and pressures of the interview day itself and some coping strategies to deal with any situation you might face.

We want to give you every opportunity to get that job, don’t leave it until the last minute start getting yourself ready today!

What about Business Meetings in English?

You can send your business presentation in English or let us know what will be the business meeting topic and you will be able to prepare it with your English tutor.

Interested in Job interview or Business English courses by Skype?

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