Learn with English by Skype on your mobile phone

If you have a smartphone, try to install the Skype App. It’s as easy to use as the program on your computer.

Is the Skype App good for English lessons?

The quality depends on your network and where you are located. We have noticed that when we use Wi-Fi, the audio quality is usually better than if you use 3G.

Through the Skype App, you keep all the contacts and the chat history that you had on your regular Skype installed in your computer. You can use the webcam, type messages or just use it to make a standard audio call.
When the camera is on, you automatically hear your teacher through the speakers. If the camera is turned off, the call is done like a normal phone call. You should use a headset if you need to look at the screen while you talk.

For your English lessons, it could be a good back up if you are stuck and can’t have access to your computer for your English lesson by Skype.

English lessons on your mobile phone

The other way to use your mobile phone for English lessons is to order a course by mobile. The teacher calls you on your mobile phone for a small extra fee. It’s particularly adapted to English conversation lessons and if you have an upper-intermediate to advanced level.

There are a few advantages to take English lessons on your mobile phone.
First, it’s reliable, you shouldn’t experience network problems.
Second, it probably offers you more flexibility to schedule your lessons.
Third, if you need to get used to talking to native-English people on the phone (whether they are customers, partners or just friends), you will be put in real conditions.
Finally, most people always keep their mobile phones close to them, so you are less likely to miss your lesson. Even if you forgot your lesson, your English teacher will call you for your lesson!

Whether you are interested in an English lesson by Skype or by mobile phone, don’t miss the opportunity to see for yourself how you can improve your English efficiently and at your page.
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